Arsenal boss may regret Serie A baiting reaction to RVP rumours

So if Italian clubs are rubbish and Spain’s aren’t keen that leaves…


The Spoiler is often reluctant to direct its daggers at Arsene Wenger when he errs as there is so much to admire about him, but if he wants to go poking his tongue out at our favourite league then a line has clearly been crossed.

Admittedly, if one of his key Serie A criticisms relates [...]

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Nominations for Serie A’s ‘Golden Bin’ awards are in…

Milan, Juve and Inter well represented at ‘worst player’ ceremony


Serie A‘s least coveted award has revealed its ten player shortlist.The Bidone d’Oro (Golden Bin) award annually recognises the terrible efforts of some of Italy’s worst performers. Past winners include Christian Vieri, Adriano and Rivaldo.

Most of the 2009 [...]

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Goal Roundup

Goals of the weekend

The ones you haven’t seen yet.

Cagliari’s Daniele Dessena, on loan from Sampdoria, shows once more why he is one of the brightest young things in Italian football right [...]

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Berlusconi: “AC Milan are the number one team in the world”

Italian PM forgets about all the teams that are better than his

Silvio Berlusconi

Currently sitting in the bottom half of Serie A with two league wins to their name, AC Milan are struggling to find form under Leonardo. Well aware of this fact, owner Silvio Berlusconi yesterday [...]

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