David Beckham looks set to stay with AC Milan until June

But LA Galaxy expect the England star to play for them after that

AC Milan and LA Galaxy have agreed a deal for David Beckham to stay with AC Milan until the end of the season before returning to America to compete in the 2009 MLS season, according to both the BBC and Sky Sports.


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Sepp Blatter launches another attack on the Premier League

FIFA’s President is worried once more about English dominance

FIFA President Sepp Blatter

It’s rare for a Champions League round to go by without someone in a position of power complaining about how good the English teams are and Sepp Blatter decided it was his turn again [...]

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Grooming News

Ronaldinho prepares for the Milan derby

Brazilian makes tough choice between dreads and cornrows


In preparation for his starring role on the bench in Sunday night’s Milan derby, Ronaldinho has stopped partying long enough to sit down and have a haircut.

Spanish newspaper Marca says the Brazilian usually has hit hair cut by [...]

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Filthy Ambition

Which footballer dreams of being a porn star?

Italian wants to bed the ladies like his name was Antonio Cassano Bruno Cirillo

Most top flight footballers have already landed what they perceive to be a dream profession, but this clearly isn’t enough Reggina’s Bruno Cirillo. Speaking on Italian television, the centre back said he [...]

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