Transfer Talk

Liverpool to sell Aquilani, United to sell Berbs…

Well, that went well


Wow, it’s weird to think that it was less than a year ago that the people of Liverpool were busily attempting to correctly pronounce the word “Aquilani” without hacking up too much phlegm, thanks to their strange local dialect – known in the trade as “Carragher”. Well, [...]

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News in Brief

Rooney’s goal tally, Man City/Chelsea target, and more…

Rooney – could get 30?

Wayne Rooney

Big newspaper offices will be split down the middle today. On one side, those who stayed in, and feel fresh. On the other, those who thought it wise to attend the Brits, regardless that they’re at least fifteen years too old to [...]

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La Liga update

Sevilla’s president thinks his side are better than Barcelona

José María del Nido is high on something confidence

Sevilla FC

Since Sevilla’s surprise defeat of a Ronaldo-less Real Madrid at the weekend, many have suggested that the traditional Spanish two-horse title race will have an extra runner this year. Among those backing Los palanganas as genuine contenders is club [...]

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Spanish Rip-Off News

Sevilla FC to charge fans €110 to see Real Madrid

La Liga side become the Kings of Extortion

Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán

Plenty of teams are guilty of jacking up the prices when heavyweight opposition comes to town, but Sevilla have ensured that only those with Lampard-esque bank balances will be able to see their home game with Real [...]

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