Finding a silver living in Wayne Rooney’s stupidity

A grand a night for Jennifer Thompson? You got merked, Wazza.


If, like many of us, you met news of Wayne Rooney putting his gnarled willy inside some attention-seeking tart with a world-weary sigh, today probably hasn’t been the most exciting day for football news (although it’s made international [...]

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How's Your Father

Uh oh, more football sex, more pregnant ladies… allegedly

Donovan – will he call his child “Everton”?

Landon Donovan

For footballers, a World Cup represents many things. Notably the chance to play in front of millions of people, an opportunity to gatecrash the history books. And were you to follow that list all the way to the end, [...]

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Sexting Update

Hey, what’s this? Another football sex scandal?

Carroll – got a bit punchy-punchy

Andy Carroll

For those of you who don’t live in a world where people drink as many beers as it takes before they have the courage to ask girls for snogs, there is a new craze sweeping Binge Drink Britain – it’s called [...]

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