Dirty Boy

WTMFF?? Jack Wilshere had if off with a pretty stripper!

Wilshere – rehydrating

Jack Wilshere

As if to hammer home his blissful teenage innocence, Jack Wilshere has been caught out for steamrollering a pretty stripper behind his girlfriend’s back. As everyone knows, the more mature footballers tend to favour prostitutes.

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Taking Stock

10 important lessons to take from football sex scandals

Sorry, prostitutes, these johns are now “off limits”

Rooney and Crouch 

It’s enormously important for the moral growth of the nation that everyone reflects on the recent sex scandals – perhaps look long and hard into a nearby mirror and think about what you have gained from these tawdry goings-on?


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Road to Redemption

Oh great, now Wazza’s got to apologise to Coleen’s parents

“I don’t want to!”

Wayne Rooney

When Wayne Rooney was in the throws of passionate grunting with a couple of cackling hookers, he probably didn’t envisage that a few weeks down the line he’d be staring at the floor mumbling an awkward apology to Coleen’s MUM.

But, as reported [...]

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Good Boys

10 Footballers who wouldn’t visit prostitutes

Kinky picture used to depict story


If you’d asked The Spoiler a month or so ago to name one footballer who definitely wouldn’t reach into his pocket to score some cheap sex with a proz, the name Peter Crouch would have been at the top of the list.

Now [...]

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The Big Question

Hang on, is Wayne Rooney going to get away with it?

Kids, do NOT take note

Wayne and Coleen 

In light of Rooney’s three-in-a-bedders with local Manchester hookers, Peter Crouch’s stag night visit to a continental prostitute seems rather twee – even when he was throwing money around in return for sex, the hooker confessed that he was actually really polite about it.

And yet, [...]

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Excellent List

A lovely gallery of pretty women scorned by footballers

A thrilling montage of Abbey Clancy:

Abbey Clancy 

What a rotten month Abbey Clancy must be having. So beautiful, so desired – and yet totally cheated on by a man whose shadow could win a Nosferatu lookalike competition.

Very much in the spirit of making Ms Clancy feel better, after the jump you’ll [...]

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Louis van Gaal’s pre-season sex advice REVEALED

Couple loves having sex

Louis van Gaal

Close your eyes and imagine a gorgeous naked couple making love to one another for hours. Beautiful isn’t it? Kenny G in the background, candles flickering, their bodies working as one, beads of sweat on all four of their breasts. Now imagine that one [...]

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