The Sisterhood

10 beautiful, strong, independent, football women

Story depicted with arty football shot


Unfortunately, Andy Gray and Richard Keys have managed to take gender relations back a good few years with their astonishing attack on female intelligence. So, in a bid to prove that some men can appreciate women as not only equals, but also superiors, [...]

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Caption Competition

Samuel Eto’o gets some kind of sexy lapdance on telly!

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Eto’o and Ainett Stephens 

Quite frankly, foreign television stations have never made much sense to The Spoiler – it all just seems to be old men playing accordions, or women suddenly taking their breasts out when it seems totally inappropriate.


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Having Sex News

Rumours flying around about Gerard Pique and Shakira

Shakira – WAG?


She’s the saucy little fox with the foghorn voice, he’s one of the many jewels in Barcelona’s humungous encrusted crown, and now they’re rumoured to be feverishly going at it like the clappers whenever he’s not marshalling people into touch, and she’s not being forced by cigar-chewing record [...]

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A beautiful woman

New WAG alert! Busty Lisa Snowdon joins the club

The face of Capital FM

Lisa Snowdon

It’s always nice to welcome a new WAG into the spotlight, although this one is a rather unusual case. Whilst most new WAGS are plucked from nightclub VIP areas and plunged headlong into a world of eyebrow plucking like the clappers, and [...]

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New Woman

You’ve got Ashley Cole all wrong, insists nudie model

Kayla Collins – very open minded

Kayla Collins

You’re all familiar with the thoughtful saying about people in glass houses not throwing stones. It’s a metaphor which works on two levels – both literally (it’d be a stupid thing to do), and figuratively (it means “don’t slag people off, [...]

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Kelly Brook and Alan Shearer get all 2018 on your ass!

Oh God! They’re beautiful!

Alan Shearer and Kelly Brook

Make no mistake about it, this whole World Cup 2018 bid is getting very political. And, in politics, when things get political, it’s time to start making serious political moves. These tend to involve muck raking, rumour mongering, cake [...]

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Hot Girls!

10 beautiful women who should totally be WAGs

God! They’re beautiful!


In guaranteed employment terms, getting in on with a footballer is like getting A levels, a degree, a masters and a PHD all in one go. One minute, you’re wondering where your next penny is coming from, the next you’re oscillating between a perfume making lab, a [...]

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