Having Sex News

Rumours flying around about Gerard Pique and Shakira

Shakira – WAG?


She’s the saucy little fox with the foghorn voice, he’s one of the many jewels in Barcelona’s humungous encrusted crown, and now they’re rumoured to be feverishly going at it like the clappers whenever he’s not marshalling people into touch, and she’s not being forced by cigar-chewing record [...]

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Sing song

Rock ‘n’ Roll’s finest perform in World Cup 2010 supergig

Yeah man, Shakira did her thing… whatever that is


Of course, with Glasto on the horizon, all of the coolest kids will be tucking spliffs into their underpants, scouring Ebay for jester’s hats, readying themselves for a few days of psychedelic rock music, and evenings spend nonchalantly [...]

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Trying too hard

Breaking News: Important Pronouncement from Shakira

Just don’t confuse her breasts for mountains

Hello everybody

Colombia’s second favourite export has just told the Guardian:

“Life is a soccer field, don’t you think?”

Unfortunately, no further explanation was forthcoming from Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. So come on spoiler readers, what did she mean? [...]

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