Zoltan Gera and West Brom to gamble on reproducing magic

West Brom admit plans for reunion with Hungarian playmaker

Zoltan Gera

After weeks of tabloid tittle-tattle, West Brom have confirmed that they are in talks with former star Zoltan Gera about a Hawthorns comeback following the conclusion of his four-year affair with Fulham, but remarriages in football don’t always [...]

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transfer stuff

An overpriced striker to Spurs, Vucinic to Blackburn, and more…

Beautiful women will be at the Oscars…


The Oscars are only a few days away – eek! But bloody Banksy seems determined to ruin the thing for everyone by doing his art/vandalism/graffiti just a few yards from the venue.

Come on, Banksy. Nobody wants to see Mickey Mouse molesting [...]

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Contentious stuff

Five players who should give this season’s money back

Gerrard – not quite on the list


The Super Bowl was good last night, wasn’t it? All that stopping and starting and stuff – it was great. Anyway, after we’d finished supping our Bud and polishing off our chips and dip, The Spoiler got to thinking about another [...]

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Transfer Talk

SWP to Villa, RSC to AC, and Chelsea take on Liverpool

SWP – in arctic training gear

Shaun Wright Phillips

If the rumours are right, not only did England’s bid not quite do it, it didn’t even remotely do it. Word has it that they managed two votes – the worst of all four mobs vying for the World [...]

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Transfer Talk

The Saturdays, Karim Benzema for Ashley Cole, and…

Blue Top, Almost Ginger, Blondie, Tall One, and Frankie…

The Saturdays 

Just in case you were wondering, Frankie from The Saturdays is definitely not going out with Ashley Cole. Yes, they sometimes hang out at the same cool bars, like China Whites or Movida, but she’s totally in love [...]

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News in brief

Goalie fingered for “murder”, Sneijder’s staying put…

Sneijder – doesn’t fancy Manchester

Wesley Sneijder 

Wesley Sneijder probably won’t thank The Spoiler for the headline – no one really likes their name featured in a bold sentence about murder. And to make this clear, the only thing that links the two stories is that they’re both featured [...]

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Transfer Talk

SWP puts car up for sale “due to moving abroad”

SWP – he’s off, then

Shaun wright-Phillips

If you happen to be an employer, and you’re suspicious that a member of your staff is planning a jailbreak, you look for clues. Are they attending more doctor’s appointments during the middle of the day than you’d expect from a healthy [...]

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