Artful Shevchenko pickpockets a football reporter

Behold, the art of distraction

Chancers, grifters and terrifying mobs of tiny vagrant children have got this one down to a fine art – simply distract your victim by doing a funny little dance, whilst your [...]

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Kenyon in bad maths shocker

Man needs calculator…

Peter Kenyon

Once again, Peter Kenyon has proved his worth as one of the lord God’s most unnecessary creations by insisting that Shevchenko might even have been a good bit of business for Chelsea.

“I’m not giving a lesson in accountancy,” he grumped, “but you do [...]

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Transfer Talk

Next year at Barca: Messi AND Kaka? Plus, Diarra cancels plans…


Well the rain is back, for a moment there we almost forgot where we were. Seconds away from flowery necklaced women and silky hula music playing in the streets, probably. Just thank hecky we’ve still got football gossip and transfers to keep us all sweaty and uncomfortable. Ronaldinho [...]

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Dream Team

Is anyone not going to AC Milan this summer?


While Steven Gerrard can be found whimpering on the streets of Liverpool, seriously disgruntled because his club won’t spend enough money on new friends for him, over in the AC quarter of Milan, rumour would suggest that money is swilling around like expensive sparkling wine in a Jermain Defoe [...]

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Silly Andriy

Oh Boy! Shevchenko messes up again

Chelsea stars get their leather on in da club

Leather boys

For those that didn’t realise, last night the theme was “Small Leather Jacket” down at Funky Buddha – by far the most sensual of London’s sexy wine bars.

Of course, Lamps was there with pals Ballack and [...]

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