AC Milan favour keeping Thiago Silva over provoking star exodus

The Rossoneri’s supposed team of egos expected to show solidarity


Silvio Berlusconi is to AC Milan what Simon Cowell was to the penultimate series of Britain’s Got Talent that David Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre “starred” in and nobody watched.

He sits back and watches everyone else bumble around sullying his enterprise and then, right at the point that irreparable damage is about to be inflicted, [...]

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Tevez in ‘being involved in interesting transfer saga’ shock

Still got some power - has Berlusconi scuppered the Tevez deal?


While everyone in England is bored to tears of Carlos Tevez, the transfer saga that he is currently tangled up in over in Italy is genuinely riveting, and produced a doozy of a twist on Thursday.

It finally, finally looked like AC Milan had sussed a way to deck him in red and white that [...]

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Fresh from ruining Italy, Berlusconi is ready to derail AC Milan

Massimiliano Allegri can look forward to plenty of tactical insights


Italian football club presidents are notorious for being as hard to please as mother-in-laws, Daily Mail readers and Aston Villa fans (hey, we can’t pick on Liverpool all the time you know!) combined.

Nine coaches have been sacked already in 2011-12 – two before the season even started – and the most reactionary president of [...]

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Is AC Milan’s potential owner as crazy as their current one?

Albanian oil baron alleged to have ordered journo beating…


Last month, rumours were swirling of a bid to wrest AC Milan from the wandering hands of everyone’s favourite political liability, Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi. Albanian oligarch Rezart Taci was ready to lump €700m on the Rossoneri,

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Berlusconi: “AC Milan are the number one team in the world”

Italian PM forgets about all the teams that are better than his

Silvio Berlusconi

Currently sitting in the bottom half of Serie A with two league wins to their name, AC Milan are struggling to find form under Leonardo. Well aware of this fact, owner Silvio Berlusconi yesterday [...]

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Up for Sale

Berlusconi wants to sell AC Milan to Colonel Gaddafi

Rossoneri is “no longer a worthwhile investment” for Italian PM

Colonel Gaddafi and Silvio Berlusconi

Since their two countries made peace with one another, Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister/AC Milan owner/caricature sex pest Silvio Berlusconi have bee getting on like a house on [...]

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