Man Utd PLC are absolutely hated and Fabio Capello needs to STFU

What’s not to love?


So, it turns out that Miss Marple, those Agatha Christie storybooks about a lovely old crime-solving English spinster is being made into a film by Disney. It will star Jennifer Garner as the Miss Marple. Sounds great.

Anyway, in relevant news, Manchester United have been [...]

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Something we never thought we

Bloody Hell! Sir Alex Ferguson gets five match ban!

Glasses? Check. Mobile? Check. SCREW YOU FA!


As you read this, Sir Alex Ferguson is probably sitting in his office quietly taking the news that he’s been given a FIVE MATCH TOUCHLINE BAN very well. He’s probably sitting there thinking about what he said and vowing never to speak [...]

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Sir Alex Ferguson feels a wee bit sorry for himself

It’s been a pretty hard week for Sir Alex Ferguson, what with all that non-talking and sulking and stuff. So no wonder he said this when asked if he has any sympathy for former/soon-to-be-again nemesis Arsene Wenger:

“I have sympathy for myself. I didn’t have an easy week myself.”

Aww… Do [...]

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Contrast and compare

Eric Cantona reckons Sir Alex Ferguson is like Gandhi

A photo taken 19 years-ago… Bloody hell


You’ve heard of Gandhi – quiet guy, liked his peace and didn’t much like tyrants. You’re also bound to have heard of Sir Alex Ferguson? Loud guy, likes winning and IS a tyrant?

Anyway, they’re probably not two people you’d automatically [...]

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