Pub news

HOORAY! We can watch football in pubs with a clear conscience!

Rupert Murdoch AND HIS WIFE


Apparently something is kicking-off in Egypt and there are floods somewhere else and something else happened at that other place. But none of it matters anymore, because we can now go to the pub and watch football streamed from foreign countries guilt free!


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The Spoiler presents: Football commentator top trumps

Gotta collect ‘em all!


Britain collectively released a heavy-hearted sigh on Wednesday morning (what, you didn’t hear it?), as the official TV listings for World Cup 2010 were released. ITV have got this lot, the BBC are showing these… to The Spoiler, none of it really matters, since watching [...]

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Fashion News

Steven Gerrard wins the shiny suit competition

Liverpool captain gives his groin a good airing live on television

Steven Gerrard the Sky Sports pundit

Alan Smith looks on with mild confusion as Steven Gerrard shows Jamie Redknapp the range of groin movement afforded by his [...]

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Video: Sky Fanzone wars, Everton vs Villa

Or should that be Sky’s Fatzone…

This is how two passionate fans saw the key moments from Aston Villa’s remarkable 3-2 win at Everton. Get in there, indeed.

WARNING: [...]

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