Fo' shizzle?

Snoop Dogg’s responsible for Beckham’s new baby and stuff

The only photo we could find when we searched ‘Beckham Snoop’


Apologies for being tardy to the party with this one, but while perusing the always excellent Kickette and questioning our sexuality, we spotted this story about Snoop’s plans to expand his empire that already includes ‘rap’ music [...]

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Sawker Fans

Big stars love them some MLS – like Morrissey!

Former Smiths frontman loves LA Galaxy’s neighbours


In order to escape horrible England in the 1990s, Morrissey ran away to California and hid in a mansion formerly owned by Clark Gable. Although he has now moved on to Rome, where they have a lively hooligan problem much more [...]

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This is a standfirst

Beckham teaches Snoop Dogg’s kids some ‘mad ball skills’

Mr B’s coaching career gets underway in an unusual manner


If there’s anything Snoop Dogg loves more than loose-fitting clothing and visiting his favourite restaurant (Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles – seriously), it’s talking about all the famous people he knows. The rapper – who coaches his [...]

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