Look! Beautiful snow spotted at Arsenal and Anfield

Ha! Is that SNOW on a cannon?


Well, the plan was to distract you from the crippling disappointment of the weekend’s football non-event with a series of beautiful pictures to remind you that while snow is rubbish on the touch, it’s bloody gorgeous on the eye.

Sadly, we could [...]

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Betting News

Cash in on this weekend’s match cancellations!

Put the big sticks away, guys


Snow might look cool, but it’s miserable stuff. Take a powdery ball to the face, that’s your day ruined. Convince yourself that a walk in it might be fun, you’ll soon be face down on the pavement, clutching your side, screaming for help. It’s rubbish. There is [...]

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Unhappy German

Michael Ballack upset by snowball attack

Chelsea midfielder fails to see funny side of icy joke

While being interviewed for Chelsea TV prior to his 100th game with the club, Michael Ballack came under a [...]

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