Uphill Battle

Thierry Henry attempts to promote US soccer on the news

“So.. err, when does the season start?… oh, it’s started!”

It’s no secret that soccer finds itself ranked at around 5th or 6th in a US top ten of sports. Above it, you’ve got American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Prom Night Tongue Hockey, [...]

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Fabio Capello is a communist, says Alex Hleb

England have nonsensical breakfast, apparently

capello-communist.jpg Former Arsenal midfielder Alex Hleb has compared Fabio Capello’s leadership of the England national team to a communist regime. The Barcelona player will face England next week when he represents Belarus in Minsk. He said:

“Nothing can be achieved with restrictions and bans. The [...]

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Manchester City running out of steam in October

Micah Richards claims City players are knackered

Manchester City team are worn out. Manchester City defender Micah Richards has claimed the club’s good early season form has started to wear off because the players are so tired. The England international says he and his team-mates [...]

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Come on you Squirrels

Benin national team worried about friendly nickname

Benin to change nickname from the Squirrels. The sports minister of Benin has suggested a change of nickname for the country’s national football team amid concerns that their current name, the Squirrels, is not fearsome enough.

Les [...]

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