News In Brief

Ashley Cole booed at wedding, Ronaldo Jnr’s baby mama…

Booooo! Boooooo! Ssssss!

Ashley Cole 

For anyone too enthralled by the golf to bother reading about what else might be going on in the world over the weekend, a couple of big football stories hit the press.

Firstly, Sol Campbell managed to enjoy his least disappointing Saturday afternoon for years

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A sensitive man

Capello has never liked me anyway, grumbles Sol Campbell

Sol – not paranoid or anything, but…

Sol Campbell

He’s always been a rather delicate flower, has Sol Campbell – the kind of man who would invite 100 people to his birthday party, only to silently freak out when only 98 turn up. Where were the other two? Did he [...]

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9 pictures of Gordon Brown with famous footballers

Including this one, with the hilarious Brazilian, Socrates

Brown and Socrates

Face it, it’s over for Gordon Brown. It was probably even over before he confronted that yapping “bigot” thanks to some pretty shoddy campaign work from his colleague, Sue. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t ever [...]

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Posh walkman alert!

Roll up, roll up, get your golden Bobby Moore iPods!

These guys know what they’ll be doing during the World Cup

Campbell and Cole

Your typical football fan likes three things: football, gold, and gadgets. So, close your eyes, and imagine for a second if you will, a golden iPod with Bobby Moore’s signature on it. Can you [...]

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World Cup Fever

Go bonkers! Erm, Sol Campbell wants to play in the World Cup!

Sol – ready

Sol Campbell

Nothing stings a man quite like a positive gesture backfiring. So, if anything, Sol Campbell should probably be applauded for just coming out with it, and insisting that he’d love to go to the World Cup.

He said this, as reported in the Daily [...]

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Betting Information

Make money on Campbell’s return to White Hart Lane

Ahhh, heady days

Sol Campbell 

In a rather less intriguing sub-plot, David Bentley is taking on his old club tonight too. Only, anyone keeping an eye on those particular developments will have made an alarming error in judgement - the football equivalent of sitting down to watch a movie about the mob, [...]

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News in Brief

Brown snubbed by MOTD2, Campbell for England…

“Hi, it’s Gordon Brown, is that Match of the Day 2?… Yes, I’ll hold…”

Gordon Brown

He’s a few days shy of the last one, so Corey Haim – wonderful in The Lost Boys – will have to wait until 2011 to be included in the Oscars slideshow of cameramen, sound [...]

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