Seven World Cup trophies stolen from FIFA offices

Robbers get fancy new mantelpiece ornaments


Thieves have pilfered seven replica trophies from FIFA‘s temporary World Cup headquarters in Johannesburg.

FIFA have understandably kept schtum on the rather embarrassing issue, but South African police commissioner Gen. Bheki Cele (he’s been busy) told reporters earlier today:

“We know there [...]

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Man killed by family for watching World Cup on TV

When Worldcupfever goes wrong…


The Spoiler suggests next time the football’s on but everyone’s still watching Emmerdale or some such nonsense, and things start to get a little tetchy, you remember this story…

61-year-old South African David Makoeya was beaten to death by his wife and two kids [...]

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Was yesterday the best day at World Cup 2010 so far?

A: Yes.


Yesterday, as the first round of World Cup group games drew to a close and the second began, there was a change in the air in South Africa. Teams started playing entertaining football.

Driven by the urgency of simply needing to get some points on the board, [...]

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Sing song

Rock ‘n’ Roll’s finest perform in World Cup 2010 supergig

Yeah man, Shakira did her thing… whatever that is


Of course, with Glasto on the horizon, all of the coolest kids will be tucking spliffs into their underpants, scouring Ebay for jester’s hats, readying themselves for a few days of psychedelic rock music, and evenings spend nonchalantly [...]

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