Betting news

Get some free money to bet on Man Utd this weekend

Manchester United make the long trip to play Southampton at the Dell or somewhere this Saturday, and our friends at Betfair are offering you a free bet so you can cash in when United win or Southampton do a giant-killing.

Here’s what they have to say about that particular game…

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Transfer News

Man City poised to rain on Arsene Wenger’s parade

The great shame about people with lots of money is that they tend to lose perspective, and splurge money not on things that they want or particularly need, but things that other, poorer people want.

All of which leads completely seamlessly to news that the Man City boardroom is reportedly preparing to up robes and [...]

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The Sun are refusing to refer to Southampton FC by name

Tabloid goes to war with League One club over match photos


Not usually ones to get hysterical at the drop of a hat, The Sun is currently going through a Kill Bill-style ‘rip-roaring rampage of revenge’.

Having crossed World Cup scapegoat Fabio Capello off their list this morning [...]

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Good First Impressions

5 great goal scoring debuts for English clubs

Cracking start by Rose

Danny Rose

What a night for Danny Rose – presumably not named after Woody Allen’s lounge singer from the film Broadway Danny Rose. It was the stuff of boyhood dreams, tonking one past the local rivals.

And it may yet rank as one of the [...]

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Footballers behaving ridiculously

Crouchy’s having his Nachos

Premier League footballer in ‘behaving like a moron’ shock

Crouchy minus Nachos

During his spell at Southampton, and before he was actually famous, Peter Crouch was often to be found at a particular fast-food vendor in the centre of town, hunting nachos, [...]

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Fleeting Appearances

The top ten shortest spells at a football club

The players who didn’t earn their loyalty bonuses

Sol Campbell

As anyone who has ever divorced will testify, sometimes it is necessary to call time on a big commitment. Footballers who sign big money contracts are no strangers to this maxim, but some jump ship a little earlier than [...]

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