WAG of the Day

WAG No. 358: Eva Angelina

The art film star who turned a Saint into a sinner

The Spoiler has never seen pornographic material before (ahem) but our smutty friends at Unprofessional Foul lead us to believe that Eva Angelina is a hardcore American bongo actress.

She earns WAG status for her marriage to fellow [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Do Man Utd “always win the 50-50 decisions?”

Southampton gaffer reignites favouritism debate

Southampton boss Jan Poortvliet was outraged that his extremely average side were not able to beat Manchester Utd yesterday, complaining that Matt Paterson’s dreadful lunge shouldn’t have been a red card (judge [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 240: Sarah Maxwell

Handsome model who likes bows, thin cardigans and footballers

Former Norwich and Southampton midfielder Jim Brennan now plies his trade with Toronto FC, where he has secured the services of a wife named Jenn. Before he settled down in Canadialand, however, Brennan stepped out with English model Sarah Maxwell, who once [...]

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