Spain-dodging celebrations feel a tad dangerous for England

Joy at avoiding holders threatens to lead to underestimating Italy


England won’t have to play Spain in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012. Pretty handy, sure, but it’s not like they were confronted with a choice between Spain or Republic of Ireland. Instead, they will face a team who have contested two more European Championship finals than them.

Italy haven’t trailed in this tournament – or [...]

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The Spoiler’s Italy v Croatia and Spain v Rep of Ireland selections

Positive vibes about Italy, faintly upbeat wittering on Irish chances


The swiftly-emerging norm of one successful prediction, one less impressive pick was maintained on Wednesday. Which one of our Thursday choices is less likely to backfire?

Italy v Croatia

As a noted statistic fetishist, you’d expect The Spoiler to be positively orgasmic over the fact that Italy haven’t beaten Croatia in five meetings since 1942.


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Down to earth

Spanish U21 player celebrates European Championship win with crisps

Who wears short shorts? 


Here’s Spanish U21 winger Iker Muniain (left) celebrating his side’s victory in the recent U21 European Championships with a bag of crisps and a can of coke on a bench with some mates.

Along with the posted picture he Tweeted:

“There’s nowhere like my neighbourhood.”


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Depressing news

Spain’s commitment to racism “will never end”

Dani Alves 


The world can be a scary place. Things are always changing as the old ideals are thrown away or re-jigged – sometimes it seems better just to stay in the house and cower behind the sofa waiting for death.

Unfortunately, there are also some things that [...]

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