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Spanish World Cup side gets the full Simpsons treatment

Spain - a Matt Groening portrait

Simpsons Spain

With the exception of the one that looks like a disco version of Groundsman Willie, and the shocking realisation that Fernando Torres might be a template for a grown up Bart, this isn’t bad.

Please feel free to share your observations with [...]

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An educated man

Glen Johnson’s not just been taking Spanish class for a laugh

The whisper on the grapevine is that Spurs were all set to hoik Glen Johnson from the Liverpool wreckage in January, but he’s having none of it. Apparently, as the headline suggests, he’s been forking out for Spanish lessons.

Fans of dotting the dots should have no problem with this one. For everyone else: he’s GOING [...]

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Real Madrid midfielder Ruben de la Red retires at 25

Spanish international forced to quit game after collapsing on pitch


A tearful Ruben de la Red today announced his retirement from football, having been told by doctors he cannot continue playing.

The Real Madrid midfielder was found to have serious heart condition after collapsing during a Copa del Rey [...]

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Zinedine Zidane’s son Enzo could reject France for Spain

15-year-old Real youth team star considers international future

French legend Zinedine Zidane has told press his son Enzo – full name Enzo Alan Zidane Fernandez – may opt for Spain when the time comes to choose [...]

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A lovely boat

Gerard Pique enjoys a wonderful summer holiday

Oh God! They’re on a boat!

Gerard Pique

Site regulars might have noticed a new dimension to The Spoiler in recent days. The hard hitting news is still there, so is the informative football analysis. But there’s something else. Something womanly.

Well, friends, that’s because someone left a copy of OK! in [...]

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