Where Sport Meets Porn

Hamburg striker gets the service he needs

José Paolo Guerrero has fun in the UEFA Cup

Jose Paolo Guerrero

Sporno fan Chris spotted some fantastic Sporno during the recent Hamburg/ Galatasaray UEFA Cup clash. If you’ve seen any great sport/ porn hybrids, send them here and earn yourself one thousand pennies [...]

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Where Sport Meets Porn

Referee gives Porto a hard time

Well, that’s one way to restore order in a game


Porto will be hoping the referee doesn’t treat them like this in tonight’s Champions League cash with Atletico Madrid. Or maybe they won’t…

The first person to name the players in the picture wins a prize*.

*The prize [...]

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Where Sport Meets Porn

The NBA looks like fun

Some classic Sporno action from across the pond

Fun in the NBA

It’s been a while since our last Sporno update, but we couldn’t help but post this example of disruptive physical contact in the NBA.If you have seen any brilliant sport/ porn hybrids lately, follow KhenYian’s [...]

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Where Sport Meets Porn

Lazio show us how to distract a Middlesbrough player

Some groin grabbing action from the UEFA Cup

Middlesbrough Lazio Sporno

We’re going to turn today’s Sporno submission into a mini Friday quiz (ooh fun!) – the first person to tell us the name of the lanky Middlesbrough man and the Lazio player attached to his wang wins [...]

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