Secret Supporters

Revealed: The clubs that footballers really support

The boyhood teams of some the game’s biggest names

Andrei Arshavin loves him some Barcelona

Generally speaking, Premier League footballers are well advised to be discreet about the team they truly support. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of David Bentley, a [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 252: Marisa Cruz

Mourinho isn’t Portugal’s only Special One

We’ve been bringing you the world’s finest WAGs for over a year now, and somehow we’ve never crossed paths with Portuguese TV presenter and model Marisa Cruz.

Former Benfica and Sporting striker João Vieira Pinto was once happily married to a lovely lady named Carla, but things turned sour [...]

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The Chaaampiooons

The Champions League draw: history says…Lyon!

UEFA have been playing with the crazy pots again

The good officials of the Champions League gathered around the trough in Monaco this afternoon, pausing briefly to pompously remove some plastic footballs from mixing bowls in one of their favourite little rituals.

As per, various pundits and sundry authorities were on hand to discuss the [...]

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Recommended Viewing

Tiger Woods will drink Augusta’s milkshake

The best sports on the telebox tonight

Recommended viewing

Eldrick Woods, known as ‘Tiger’ to friends and fans, is on such unstoppable form that he could conceivably win all four majors this summer. Main competitor Phil Mickelson has backed him on that one, and the folk at [...]

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