Money Matter$

More bad news for Newcastle

Sports Direct profits fall a whopping 91 per cent

Some fine Sports Direct merchandise

It certainly seems to be raining shit on Newcastle at the moment. Not only do they prepare themselves for the forthcoming Championship season with an uncertain management team, a restless squad and [...]

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The root of all evil

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley loses one billion pounds

Magpie number one gets credit crunched

From today’s London Evening Standard, some chilling news for admirers of Newcastle owner Mike Ashley’s bank account.

“Mr Ashley is the fourth biggest loser from the crunch and has seen the value of his stake in Sports Direct, the retail giant he set up and floated on [...]

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Mojito Men

Mike Ashley shuns Dubai business meeting for cocktails

He’s trying his best to sell the club, honest

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley, Dennis Wise and Derek Llambias will fly back from Dubai today after an unsuccessful sales trip. It wasn’t unsuccessful because of complicated financial negotiations, but rather because they chose to skip the boring business bit and [...]

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Daily Democracy

Vote: Should we feel sorry for Mike Ashley?

Newcastle owner puts club up for sale at fans’ request

Mike Ashley protests

Following a weekend of fervent protest at St James’ Park, Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has finally given in to fans, and has entered negotiations to sell the club. In an emotive 1,644 word statement, he [...]

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Money Matter$

Newcastle increase season ticket prices by 10 per cent

Sports Direct staff getting a slightly better Christmas party this year

Mike Ashley

After they tolerated a season that consisted of poor results, the feint threat of relegation and Kevin Keegan, Mike Ashley has decided to punish Newcastle fans with a ten per cent increase in season ticket prices. [...]

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