Brits Abroad

Exclusive: Pictures from Wes Brown’s Las Vegas stag do

Manchester Utd star lives it up in fancy Vegas club

Wes Brown’s Stags

While representing the nation of Britain abroad, our fine citizens do their best to assimilate themselves with local culture, being careful not to impinge British values on the natives.

With this in mind, Wes [...]

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Ladies Man

Looks like Wes Brown is having fun in Las Vegas

Manchester Utd star lives it up in the City of Sin

Wes Brown

Here’s Wes Brown rockin’ the classic sunglasses inside and at night look at the Palms Casino, home of the rather good Playboy Club and the equally excellent Rain.

The Manchester Utd star chose Vegas for his [...]

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Condemned Man

Wayne Rooney is having a great time on his stag do

Smile Wayne, it might never happen. Oh wait, it will

Wayne Rooney

Faced with the prospect of settling down with a woman who will no doubt curb his appetite for geriatric ladies of the night, Wayne Rooney is positively beaming with enthusiasm on his Ibiza stag do.

This isn’t [...]

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