Wheely Nice Lady!

Steamy Olympian Number 9: Victoria Pendleton

Woman doesn’t need reflective strip to get noticed…

Victoria Pendleton

When people spoke of the future in olden times, their stories were cluttered with images of strange aerodynamic helmets, skin tight outfits fashioned from spandex, and zany metallic machines with wheels, handlebars, and a bell. What those prehistoric prophets [...]

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Saucy Swimmer

Steamy Olympian Number 8: Stephanie Rice

If she were a fish, she’d have gills

Fans of the 1984 romantic comedy Splash (SPOILER ALERT: Tom Hanks becomes sexually attracted to a demi-fish) know just how sensual great swimmers can be. In that movie, the magnificent underwater flirt was Daryl Hannah, and in real life, it’s an Australian woman called Stephanie Rice – [...]

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Agile Lady

Steamy Olympian Number 7: Alicia Sacramone

Girl scratches forehead with toe…

Alicia Sacramone

Seriously guys, don’t ever get into a fight with a gymnast. They might look all cutesy with their tight clothes and great posture, but these people are all muscle and rage. They breakfast on raw eggs, they lunch on raw steak, and [...]

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Tough Girl

Steamy Olympian Number 6: Leryn Franco

Her personal best is 55.38 metres…

Say what you like about God, but when it comes to balancing good and bad things he/she does a pretty decent job. For all the luxury we enjoy in Blighty, when it comes to hot female javelin throwers, we’re not doing too well (here’s proof). [...]

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Kindly Women

Steamy Olympians Number 4 & 5: Bia and Branca Feres

Oh my god, they’re the same!

Ask any normal teenage boy to describe his ideal woman, and his bumbling description will be littered with specifics: a twin, blonde, Brazilian, bikini, around 19 or 20, synchronised swimmer. Which makes this discovery all the more amazing, because Bia and Branca are all those things and more. [...]

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Pretty Lady

Steamy Olympian Number 3: Allison Stokke

One for 2012, people

Allison Stokke

While we’re happy to live in the present, The Spoiler always has one eye open, glaring silently into the future. “Who will be the stars of tomorrow?” we whisper into our gins. And here’s one of the answers: Allison Stokke. She might not [...]

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Sexy Lady

Steamy Olympian Number 2: Jennie Finch

WARNING: This woman CAN throw

For those uninitiated into US culture, softball is their version of women’s cricket. Unlike cricket, however, it’s considered worthy of Olympic inclusion, and Jennie is the proud owner of a shiny gold medal from the last games in Athens.

Besides being a glorious golden haired pitcher, Jennie has much to [...]

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British Beef

Steamy Olympian Number 1: Jade Johnson

Proof that sturdy women can be sensual too

Some people find it hard to see the point of the long jump – there’s a big sprint, a sandpit, some weird running in the air stuff. Those people have obviously never had to leap over a beached whale on a Cornish holiday. No matter, because above [...]

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