Pseudo Dutchman

Steve McClaren still treating English as a second language

FC Twente boss continues to embarrass himself in the Eredivisie

Steve McClaren’s post match interview checklist:

Foreign managers in the Premier league are successful, so try to emulate their mannerisms and command of English [...]

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Cracks Appearing Update

Oh dear, is Capello just McClaren in disguise?

“Just do what you do, week in, week out”

Rooney and Capello

The cracks are starting to appear. He might have a stern craggy face that you could race ants around and the “don’t mess with me, man” attitude, but if you look really closely, Fabio Capello mightn’t [...]

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Kaka mocks Mourinho after Milan derby triumph

That Ronaldinho must be a bad influence

kaka and ronaldinho

Being such a devout Christian, Kaka usually does everything possible to shy away from controversy but even he couldn’t resist a dig at Jose Mourinho after AC Milan triumphed 1-0 in the Milan derby.

The former Chelsea boss [...]

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Football News

Six reasons why Arsenal will beat Newcastle

It’s going to be raining tears in Newcastle…

Newcastle fans

A convincing win over Schteve McClaren’s FC Twente may have settled some Arsenal nerves, but won’t go nearly as far as to detract from their miserable showing at Fulham. Their visitors this weekend, Newcastle, will harbour frightening [...]

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