Tottenham are doing Modric a favour by blanking Chelsea

Chelsea’s attempts to shop locally rarely produce good results

Luka Modric

Luka Modric is bossing the back pages right now. The Croatian misguidedly assumed gentlemanliness to be a common characteristic of football folk and is now angry that Spurs won’t stick to an apparent gentleman’s agreement to let him [...]

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pub debate

Which one player would you poach from… Aston Villa?

Use your vote wisely…


The scenario: You’re the manager of a Premier League team, and you’re allowed to strengthen your squad by signing just one player in the January transfer window. But you can only choose someone from Aston Villa’s squad – so who do you pick?

Your options: [...]

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Circus Chic

Football Fashion Eye: Tricycles and Stilts

Try to keep up, squares…


To keep ahead of the style game you need to keep a close eye on footballers and their delicious WAGs. Had you asked The Spoiler on Friday about the best motorbikes and shoes in the world, we’d have said something about two-wheeled Hondas and [...]

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Financial Blues

The real reason Steve Sidwell left Chelsea

Flame-haired midfielder was cut a slim slice of the profit cake

Steve Sidwell

Following his transfer to Chelsea in July 2007, Steve Sidwell insisted he was not at the club to ‘make up the numbers’. Despite this, he only ended up playing fifteen times for the Blues, and was [...]

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