Transfer Talk

Tubby Braziilan puts a huge dent in Manchester City’s pride

This morning’s rumours, gossip and damned lies


In a crushing blow for fans of overweight Brazilians, it is being reported on the AC Milan website that a deal has been agreed to bring Ronaldinho to the San Siro this coming season. Just to rub it in, it’s thought that [...]

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Silly Old Man

Shocking news: Sepp Blatter talks nonsense

FIFA President claims players suffer from “modern slavery”

Sepp Blatter

With the transfer rumours getting a tad repetitive, we were hoping that Sepp Blatter would make one of his trademark stupid comments to provide some mild entertainment. Thankfully he has managed to surpass all expectations with his

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Transfer Talk

Yeah, laters Cristiano Ronaldo – you go to Spain!… idiot.


Wow, what a cup final it’s going to be – no Defoe, no Fowler, no recognisable goal scorers on either team. Get ready for a stonker, people! To calm you down, and get that heart rate back to around normal, here’s some very sobering news from the transfer underground…


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Disappointing XI

The Premier League’s Most Disappointing XI (2007/08)


Oh look, it’s almost the end of the season, and that’s when everyone starts applauding each other and shouting “good game, good game”, full of the joys of spring. Well, not over here at The Spoiler. Oh no. We’re still livid with some of the Premier League’s so-called “players”. [...]

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Spurs to wave bye-bye to Aaron Lennon and Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson’s handwash

Middlesbrough managed to pull themselves away from a relegation scrap at the right time, but they’ll have just enough rope to hang themselves next season if they bring Paul Robinson on board. Here’s today’s rumours from the north east and beyond:

Thierry Henry to Arsenal [...]

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Is Eto’o FLIRTING with Tottenham?


Ahh, Saint George’s Day – the one day of the year when you can go into the office with your tatts out and blood on your knuckles and no one even bats an eyelid. Because if they do, that’s fighting talk, their eyelid is taking the mick, thinking it’s [...]

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