Spain-dodging celebrations feel a tad dangerous for England

Joy at avoiding holders threatens to lead to underestimating Italy


England won’t have to play Spain in the quarter-finals of Euro 2012. Pretty handy, sure, but it’s not like they were confronted with a choice between Spain or Republic of Ireland. Instead, they will face a team who have contested two more European Championship finals than them.

Italy haven’t trailed in this tournament – or [...]

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A list!

The best Champions League final moments from recent years

This was close…


From the mid-eighties to the mid-noughties Manchester United were the only English team to make the final of the European Cup/Champions League, let alone win it. Then Liverpool opened the floodgates again in 2005 and since then English teams have once again been doing it for [...]

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excellent interview

Joey Barton doesn’t rate Lampard or Gerrard and totally hates Gareth Barry

Return of the Barton…


Football and everything that goes with it has been pretty good during the past few weeks. Wayne Rooney continues to cause trouble, The Champions League is hotting up (despite three of the four semi-finalists already being confirmed), the Premier League is nearing conclusion and – [...]

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a big question

Should Joey Barton be in the England squad?

Barton! Smiling!


Imagine for a moment that you’re interviewing for a job at a bakery. You’re the best person for that job – the other guys going for it are past it or too inexperienced to do the baking as well as you can.

But you don’t get the [...]

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