"Coming over here. Taking jobs from English beers..."

And the brand new sponsor of the FA Cup is…



BUDWEISER! From next season the FA Cup will be called The FA Cup with Budweiser.

The Spoiler is expecting a few people to get a bit arsey about an archetypal American brand sponsoring the FA Cup, but it’s sponsorship, innit? It’s never going to be a pretty business.


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A poll!

Do you care there are other games on FA Cup final day?

Pulis – gutted


Despite our assertion that FA Cup finals are a bit ‘meh’ in terms of on-pitch action, we still absolutely love all the build-up – watching clips of Ronnie Radford on a marvellously muddy pitch, the teammates bit when the captains tell us how all the lads [...]

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Told You So

More winning FA Cup tips from The Dinner

Did you do what we told you to at the weekend?


There were plenty of upsets at the bookies this weekend, and if you paid attention to The Dinner’s statistics, you could have been strolling up to the Lamborghini dealership this morning to help David Beckham [...]

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It’s FA Cup Third Round Weekend

The best sports programming this weekend


It’s that unmistakable time of year when Christmas decorations come down and minnow clubs up and down the land build up a huge sense of false expectation. This morning’s Sun backs Southern League Division One side Chasetown with a back page and [...]

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