Transfer Talk

Arsenal and Man United both fancy the same German…

Ozil – wants out

Mesut Ozil 

When you’re attempting to land a new job, it’s important to talk a big game – but not too big.

Keep it within the realms of actual possibility. You probably can’t type 400 words/minute, the artist formerly know as The Artist Formerly Known [...]

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Video Highlights

Chelsea get really quite greedy against Stoke

Chelsea 7-0 Stoke

And so the beautiful cities of Hull and Burnley joined Portsmouth in the race to win promotion to the Premier League next season, whilst pretty much everyone in the top [...]

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Show Off!

Roberto Mancini makes it through a tongue twister

“Red lorry, yellow lorry, red lorry, yellow loll… damn it!”

Roberto Mancini

Speaking out before this evening’s Stoke replay:

“When I work I want to work very well and I want to work because I want to win.”

Very good, Roberto! Very good.

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Transfer News

Transfer news: Chelsea and Liverpool updates, and more…

Fellaini – moving South?


Whilst the rest of the nation stands by the window pointing at the snow and nudging one another, hard working sports journalists only know that it’s Winter at the moment because there is a soft breeze blowing in from another kind of window – the [...]

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Eat That!

Goal of the Season, perhaps?

Figueroa against Stoke

It was a truly brilliant football weekend for the Premier League, with Man United stumbling, Chelsea only drawing, and Arsenal urinating all over Rafa’s patatas bravas, [...]

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News in brief

Le Tissier to teach pens, Beattie’s off, and more…

“Kick the ball into the goal”

Le Tissier

In the spirit of true World Cup optimism, Matthew Le Tissier – definitely the most wasted England talent of all time – has offered to coach the final squad on how to correctly take a penalty. Remember, this is a man [...]

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