Have a top weekend, all!

To get you pumped up – James Brown!

And lo, a week of big highs and lows draws to a close. The Spoiler is exhausted. For those of you [...]

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A short video about a very tiny streaker

Small body, massive beard

As sponsored by Freeview HD, above is a one minute documentary about a person who likes to get completely naked and run around surrounded by footballers. Were this Faces nightclub in Essex, it would be a tanned young glamour girl. As it is, it’s a tiny little streaker with a [...]

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Nude Injury

Video: Why streaking can be very dangerous

Aussie knocked unconscious during naked high jinks

Running onto a sports playing surface and wobbling about a bit with no clothes on doesn’t sound complicated in principle. Australian football player Nathan Roberts, however, didn’t [...]

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