Deadline Day

Go BONKERS, it’s Transfer Window Deadline Day!

Adam Johnson – City bound?

Adam Johnson

Right, to kick things off there are a few congratulations to get out of the way. Congratulations to Egypt for winning the Africa Cup of Nations. Congratulations to John Terry for managing to paint an even more abhorrent picture of himself than [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: New strikers for Arsenal and Birmingham

Say “bonjour”, Arsenal fans…

Loic Remy

With the football grapevine all aflutter with talk of dodgy sexual goings-on, and promises of shocking weekend revelations, The Spoiler‘s eyes and ears are refusing to shift from the transfer window – a past time that has come to resemble one of [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Yossi’s off, along with Babel, and more…

“Goodbye Fernando!”

Benayoun and Torres 

Like the final few moments of a tense game of cards, the coming days should hopefully find the straight-faced transfer window stand off morphing into a hysterical scramble to get as much out of the situation as possible.

There will surely be tears, high pitched [...]

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Is Adrian Mutu on his way back to the Premier League?

Yay, my dealer’s here!


Typical of the January transfer window, big-name transfer moves remain thin on the ground this morning. Consequently, the majority of papers are busying themselves falling over each other trying to guess which club will be the first to receive West Ham‘s newly acquired porno-pounds.


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Transfer News

Fear not, Liverpool fans, cover for Torres has arrived!

Carragher, meet your new team mate


Whilst Ryan Babel thinks up new ways to infuriate Rafa Benitez – perhaps by setting up some kind of “Who else thinks that Rafa Benitez is a big Spanish meanie?” Facebook group, or going for the classic “dog poo through the letterbox” trick – Kenwyne [...]

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Transfer Talk

Transfer news: Kenwyne Jones, Bentley, Patrick Vieira…

Jones – set to do a “reverse David Bentley”?

Kenwyne Jones

Whether or not the phrase “hit the ground running” was coined with regard to sports journalists, no one knows. But, by gum, these people work around the clock. Sleep is for losers, they tell themselves. He who dares [...]

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The Big Question

Where should Emile Heskey go this January?

Heskey – decisions, decisions


Whilst the rest of the nation laments the loss of Crimbo for another year, and returns to their old 2009 jobs, Emile Heskey’s frantic mind will have been whirring like an old screen projector in an art house cinema. The man has big decisions to [...]

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