Blue Language Alert!

QPR fan goes ballistic (NSFW)!

Great spot from our pals at Match of the Day Magazine (and Pies)

Fans of aggressive men who like to turn the air blue, you are very [...]

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See You Next Tuesday

Furious Joe Kinnear repeatedly drops the C-bomb on a journalist during press conference

Newcastle boss employs ‘industrial’ language to express anger

Daily Mirror journalist Simon Bird felt the full brunt of Joe Kinnear’s rage in a press conference yesterday, for having the audacity to report on the Newcastle players’ day off following his appointment last week.

Here’s the transcript in full, courtesy of The Guardian (those [...]

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Bad Behaviour

Attention Premier League stars: here’s how to get away with dissent!

The Spoiler’s guide to saying naughty things in foreign

Javier Mascherano

Reportedly, Jose Mourinho would swear at referees in Portuguese so he could deny his aggravated language if questioned (“Honestly, ‘Lambe-me os colhes’ means ‘I agree with your informed choice’”). Javier Mascherano, on the other hand, chose an English [...]

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