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Ronaldinho asked a Swedish footballer to marry him

The hopelessly romantic Brazilian found love in Beijing

Ronaldinho’s marriage proposal

Tubby Brazilian star Ronaldinho had a relatively unspectacular Olympic tournament, but he made an effort to spice it up by asking 24-year-old Swedish footballer Johanna Almgren to marry him.

The thoroughly romantic AC Milan man popped the [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 130: Elin Nordegren

Enhancing the reputation of Swedish au pairs worldwide

Swedish au pairs are often stereotyped as devastatingly beautiful blondes, who are partial to wearing less clothes than society deems necessary. Former model Elin Nordegren does nothing to dispel this perception. She and twin sister (!) Josefin were working as childminders for [...]

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Good Woman

Oksana Andersson wins MOST LIBERAL WAG prize

UK’s finest take note…

WAGs are funny. So tanned, so moisturised, so pretty, but informally ask one if she’s going to remove her top any time soon, and the air will suddenly chill – it’s as if you’ve said something wrong/inappropriate. Weird.

One WAG who isn’t so uptight when it comes to removing clothes, however, [...]

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In case you missed it

Video: Russia/ Sweden and Greece/ Spain highlights

Russia and Spain complete the final eight

Russia/ Sweden Highlights

Last night in Innsbruck, some old Scandinavian men were given an early summer holiday by some spritely Russians. Elsewhere, some Dutch people were starting to get quite concerned.

Greece/ Spain [...]</p>
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In case you missed it

Video: Spain/ Russia and Greece/ Sweden highlights

How to double your value, by David Villa

Spain/ Russia Highlights

Spurs and Chelsea are just two of the pack of clubs racing to steal David Villa away from Valencia, but after last night’s hat-trick they’ll performance, they’ll have to part with at least £25million for the [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 106: Helena Seger

Swedish WAG has plenty going on upstairs

Top heavy model-types who earn themselves a footballer are all too often tarred with the ‘you’re quite thick’ brush. Today’s Euro 2008 WAG of the Day, however, is a notabale exception – 37-year-old Swede Helena Seger has an economics degree, has worked as a [...]

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