England are playing! Channel your excitement with a prediction contest!

Five teasing questions, only one winner (unless there’s a tie…)

Scott Parker

The Spoiler can’t decide what’s worse: the thought of two practically football-free months, or the fact that the exception to such a barren period is an uninspiring England game at Wembley?

It should be the first, but [...]

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Make money on Chile putting Switzerland to the sword

The Swiss won’t be able to hold out against Bielsa’s boys


Don’t worry, this one isn’t an England bet. We’re playing it safe and backing a straightforward win for Chile, who’ll be kicking off in the Group H clash against Switzerland any minute now.

Chile’s fluid attacking display [...]

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Was yesterday the best day at World Cup 2010 so far?

A: Yes.


Yesterday, as the first round of World Cup group games drew to a close and the second began, there was a change in the air in South Africa. Teams started playing entertaining football.

Driven by the urgency of simply needing to get some points on the board, [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 256: Marea Pante

Shock: footballer marries hot model

Swiss defender Mario Cantaluppi hasn’t had much luck with his national side (he was left out of the Euro 2004 squad and hasn’t played since), but his fortunes on the lady front are much better.

In 2007, Playboy model Marea Pante, who is a mere eight [...]

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Beauty Tips

Johan Djourou reveals the secret to his success

Beauty products and sweets keep the Swiss star ticking

Johan Djourou

Instead of spending his spare time buying cars, playing Xbox and steamrollering anything that moves in a miniskirt in Movida, Swiss defender Johan Djourou prefers to smear himself in body butter:

“Mangoes are a fruit that I’m crazy [...]

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Where Sport Meets Porn

Sporno Update! Swiss player manhandled on the pitch!

That’s neither the time nor the place for a testicular check-up

Switzerland Groping Incident

Before their impromptu exit from Euro 96, Scotland defeated Switzerland 1-0. Perhaps if Colin Calderwood and co had spent less time groping the opposition, they would have made it to the knockout stage.

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