Classy Ladies

Dutch wives demonstrate how to dress for footie

Mrs Sneijder, Mrs van der Vaart, Mrs Braafheid, Mrs van Persie

Dutch Ladies 

In terms of getting glammed up, the Dutch wives and girlfriends aren’t a million miles away in type from the bosomy lovelies who wile away their evenings enduring JT’s sloppy kisses, or Lampsie’s moist, darting hands - but with [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Holland

Beware the men in orange, world


Today, it’s the turn of the Dutch side. Also known as Holland, also known as The Netherlands. Like the rapper, Puff Daddy, no one is ever entirely sure how to address them. The Spoiler likes Holland best. Anyway, who the hell are these people, [...]

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Which Dutch star got booked so he could party with his WAG?

Would you rather share a shower with 10 men, or this woman?

That was the question facing Rafael van der Vaart, back in the days when he was playing for Hamburg in Germany. No prizes for guessing which option Rafael chose.

Former Hamburg manager Huub Stevens has revealed in his autobiography that Van der Vaart [...]

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