Tottenham are doing Modric a favour by blanking Chelsea

Chelsea’s attempts to shop locally rarely produce good results

Luka Modric

Luka Modric is bossing the back pages right now. The Croatian misguidedly assumed gentlemanliness to be a common characteristic of football folk and is now angry that Spurs won’t stick to an apparent gentleman’s agreement to let him [...]

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Transfer Talk

Tubby Braziilan puts a huge dent in Manchester City’s pride

This morning’s rumours, gossip and damned lies


In a crushing blow for fans of overweight Brazilians, it is being reported on the AC Milan website that a deal has been agreed to bring Ronaldinho to the San Siro this coming season. Just to rub it in, it’s thought that [...]

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Silly Old Man

Shocking news: Sepp Blatter talks nonsense

FIFA President claims players suffer from “modern slavery”

Sepp Blatter

With the transfer rumours getting a tad repetitive, we were hoping that Sepp Blatter would make one of his trademark stupid comments to provide some mild entertainment. Thankfully he has managed to surpass all expectations with his

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Money Grabbers

And the Premier League’s LEAST Loyal XI is…

Don’t leave them alone with the wife


And so to the less charming side of football – the players who would demand extra money if you dared to make them sweat, even just a little bit. The kind of men you wouldn’t want next to you in the [...]

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Big Grumpy XI

Oh Brilliant, it’s the Premier League Moaning XI


You know the people, the ones who pop around unannounced and spend the entire evening telling you how tired they are, and how things just never seem to go their way. Wouldn’t it be great to rain a few over-the-top punches onto their moping little faces? Yeah, [...]

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Tittle Tattle

Transfer Talk: Is Abebayor going Ade-bye-bye?


Being people who breakfast doesn’t hinder The Spoiler’s progress, in fact, quite the opposite, much can be learnt from a simple trip to a local breakfasterie. Here’s what the people are saying in between sausage and eggs and slurps of finest splosh:

Emmanuel Adebayor to AC Milan or Juventus [...]

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