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talkSPORT surprise no-one by signing Richard Keys and Andy Gray

Something about ‘having a face for the radio’


Work Christmas parties are never that much fun at the best of times. The evening is spent chatting to some bloke who you sort of know, drinking warm beer and slowly dying inside as you look around your beige office wondering [...]

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On'T Radio

The Spoiler vs Stan Collymore, the aftermath

After The Spoiler’s visit to Stan’s talkSPORT studio, the gulf between blogs and former players is wider than ever.

Dear Stan,

Oh dear. That didn’t go too well, did it? Not radio’s finest half hour. Still, thanks for having me.

There seems to be some confusion over my comment that players can’t be fans, [...]

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On't Radio

The Spoiler on talkSPORT

Have your say on the Bendtner issue


Thanks to everybody who tuned in to talkSPORT last night to hear Stan Collymore shout at us every time we tried to answer a question defend his view on Nicklas Bendtner’s ‘Hero of the Weekend’ status. If you have an opinion [...]

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