Transfer Talk

If Tevez doesn’t like it he can sod off, suggests Mancini

“Door’s that way, love”

Mancini and Tevez 

In political terms, the world of football closest in type to classic socialism. Everyone wears the same outfit, united in the one common goal, and no man is bigger than the club. Of course, you can then throw in the varying [...]

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Pucker Up Lads!

Neville and Scholes, and other kissing footballers


Neville and Scholes 

Fans of movies about the mob will tell you that sometimes one man can kiss another man, and it’s not in any way girly/gay. If anything, it’s actually quite macho, and it goes some way to proving that there’s really nothing particularly eyebrow-raising about two straight [...]

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Fierce News

Man City players get extremely metrosexual about it

“Joleon is wearing a coat… Kolo is wearing lemons on his feet”

Lescott and Toure

Now, unlike our dungareed lesbian colleagues, The Spoiler doesn’t like to partake either of these two things: 1. The dark art of stereotyping. And 2. The Spoiler never EVER makes assumptions. Which is why today [...]

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The Aftermath

Does Berbatov’s arrival spell curtains for Rooney?

Ferguson set to destroy another ego

Wayne Rooney

As Berbatov strode around Man United HQ in the small hours, sleeping Wayne Rooney was probably having a great dream about a bubblegum goat. Unfortunately, he will have awoken this morning to a nightmare as two sad truths set in: a. [...]

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The New Cantona?

Why Ferguson is making a mistake buying Berbatov

Manager bites off more than he can chew…


Yes, the deal isn’t quite done yet, but Man United always get their man – Tevez, Hargreaves, Carrick, Rooney, Ferdinand, Kleberson… to name just six. In fact, Berbatov eventually packing up his smokes and venturing up north has never really been [...]

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Crafty Striker

Conspiracy theory alert: Drogba bottled it

Cynics suggest that Drogba is capable of cheating on purpose 


Now, obviously The Spoiler has no fixed opinion on anything – being more of an open ear rather than a judgmental yammering gob – but the whisper in the undergrowth is that Drogba might have got himself sent of [...]

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Fighting Talk

Man United/ Chelsea – the battle of the mind games

Like children, footballers can be so cruel 


As absolutely everyone knows, before the biggest match of the season, the battle begins in the press. We like to call it The Battle of the Brains. Already Chelsea and Man United have been trading blows like furious tots in a street [...]

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