Saddle Up!

Who exactly are these “Red Knights” at Man United?

Careful Glazers, there’s a posse a-comin’!


Anyone with sleeping issues might have spent a couple of hours last night enjoying Young Guns on Channel Five. If not, to refresh your memory, it’s a cowboy romp from the 1980s, featuring mainly the various children of Martin Sheen pretending to [...]

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News in brief

Rival fans unite, Lampard’s genius confirmed… kind of

Is an unlikely friendship in the offing?

Liverpool fans

Whilst showbiz desks are going berserk over pictures of Rachel Stevens’ new-look womanly thighs, which she chose to unveil at last night’s Baftas, sports desks are equally agog today with news of a rather unlikely alliance.

It’s common knowledge that [...]

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The Big Question

VOTE: Should Ferguson resign in the name of Socialism?

Oooh, decisions, decisions…

Sir Alex Ferguson 

The whisper from today’s Guardian is that a posse of Man United supporters held a meeting over the weekend to plot the downfall of the Glazers, in light of the botched up finances threatening to leave a smudge on their beloved United legacy.


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