The Sun’s five worst uses of Wayne Rooney’s surname…

…this month. We don’t want to be here all weekend.


The old adage ‘there’s a thin line between genius and insanity’ is nowhere more true than on the subs’ desk at The Sun, where they casually swing between supreme wordplay and genuinely terrible bastardisation of language, every day.

Let’s [...]

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Jack Wilshere accused of ‘taking upskirt photos in club’

Girl alleges midfielder was up to mischief on night of arrest


Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has been labelled ‘juvenile and rude’ (a badge most 18-year-old footballers would wear with pride) after being kicked out of a nightclub for allegedly trying to take pictures up girls’ skirts on the night [...]

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The Sun are refusing to refer to Southampton FC by name

Tabloid goes to war with League One club over match photos


Not usually ones to get hysterical at the drop of a hat, The Sun is currently going through a Kill Bill-style ‘rip-roaring rampage of revenge’.

Having crossed World Cup scapegoat Fabio Capello off their list this morning [...]

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El Tel

Terry Venables sings his song on top of famous landmark

If I can Dream, Terry Venables

For a while there it looked like the whole Millennium Dome thing had just been a massive waste of time. But no. A few deft business moves, a quick rechristening, and it’s now considered to be so good that football’s Frank Sinatra thought he’d scale its moderate heights [...]

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