Win World Cup 2010 tickets!

Unlike Portugal, you could be heading to South Africa

Sony Ericsson comp


The Spoiler is in possession of a FIFA-branded Sony Ericsson W995 mobile, worth £500. We’re not showing off our fabulous taste in hand held telecommunications though, [...]

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South Africa 2010 News

World Cup 2010 tickets go on sale today

Will you be helping to crash the FIFA website today?

Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg

At 11am GMT, tickets for South Africa’s first World Cup will go on sale. There’s no need to hurry though, as they will not be dished out on a [...]

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Cost Cutting

Steven Gerrard shows some festive generosity

Liverpool captain now charging friends and family for tickets

Steven Gerrard

The current global economic meltdown appears to have had little effect on the wages and lifestyles of the Premier League’s finest, but it appears the wolf is banging a little too hard on the door of Steven Gerrard’s [...]

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