My garden conservatory is bigger than this

Isn’t the lack of Wi-Fi inside Stamford Bridge irritating?

Can Chelsea fans get any more middle class?

Where’s me wi-fi

We all love a stereotype when it comes to football fans – The Kop love a minute’s silence, West Ham’s support are particularly fickle and the Arsenal faithful all bring their imacs [...]

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Smart Lad

David Bentley: not stupid

The Sun tries make Spurs winger look dim, fails

David Bentley

There are many footballers out there whose mental capacity only just stretches beyond the ability to dress themselves, but David Bentley has never struck The Spoiler as being a ‘prostitute short of a Ronaldo sex party’. Despite this,  [...]

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The Big Debate

Should fans also be allowed to change teams during the transfer window?

Men with tempers, stop reading now…

Tim Lovejoy

It’s that heady time of summer when the transfer window edges open, and swathes of footballers are given permission to seek a better life away from whatever Siberian/Spanish/Newcastle Hell-hole they’ve been rotting in for the last few years. They get to negotiate [...]

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