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Do you care there are other games on FA Cup final day?

Pulis – gutted


Despite our assertion that FA Cup finals are a bit ‘meh’ in terms of on-pitch action, we still absolutely love all the build-up – watching clips of Ronnie Radford on a marvellously muddy pitch, the teammates bit when the captains tell us how all the lads [...]

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Sick Photoshop Skillz...

Harry Redknapp is worried about some dodgy business going down

Mind games? harrythinking1.jpg

Considering Harry Redknapp is a man who goes bat sh*t mental when someone dares say anything along the lines of ‘you like a bargain and do a bit of this and that in the transfer market’ you’d think he’d be careful not to insinuate anything about his [...]

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Bolton and Stoke News

The other FA Cup semi final should be pretty interesting too, right?

“… and left, two, three, right, two, three…”


The FA cup semi final between Manchester United and City is sure to be bloody exciting and – after Scholes lit the sky blue touch paper with his comments about City not being real rivals – we’re looking forward to it [...]

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Betting information

Make a load of money from Suarez’s Liverpool debut

Suarez – Debut


Liverpool’s big money signing may be a few weeks away from fitness, but their other January buy, Luis Suarez – who signed for a paltry £23 million – looks set to make his debut for the Reds tonight against Stoke.

Here’s what our lovely friends [...]

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Place Your Bets, please

The Premier League spread betting preview

Some expert advice for the weekend’s activities from Sporting Index

Stoke/ Manchester Utd

In case you hadn’t noticed, all the cool kids are making their ritual viewing of Soccer Saturday a little more interesting with the help of spread betting. Our friends at

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Transfer Talk

New Manchester Utd star “shocked” by transfer

We’re not the only ones who thought Belgian’s new deal was a joke

Ritchie de Laet

Ritchie de Laet, who has only played twelve professional games (none of which were for previous club Stoke) has spoken out about his dream move to Old Trafford:

“I’m really shocked, to [...]

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Why Arsene Wenger’s fair play logic is flawed

Arsenal boss moves the goalposts to defend his team

Arsene Wenger

Tony Pulis yesterday responded to Arsene Wenger’s criticism of Stoke’s aggressiveness by reminding the Frenchman that the only player sent off in the Potters 2-1 win last Saturday was wearing an Arsenal shirt. So in his [...]

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