New Big Four?

The race for 4th should go Liverpool’s way… right?

Eyes on the prize, Rafa. Eyes on the prize.


It’s been a brilliant Premier League season, one packed to the gills with subplots, dramatic twists and turns, and in the run up to the end of the season, private battles will be blazing in every segment of the table. [...]

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The Big Debate

Should fans also be allowed to change teams during the transfer window?

Men with tempers, stop reading now…

Tim Lovejoy

It’s that heady time of summer when the transfer window edges open, and swathes of footballers are given permission to seek a better life away from whatever Siberian/Spanish/Newcastle Hell-hole they’ve been rotting in for the last few years. They get to negotiate [...]

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History says Liverpool won’t win at Bolton

The best sports on the telebox this weekend

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This Sunday, Liverpool will get the chance to climb back into the top four when they visit the Reebok Stadium. The Champions League spot, however, will only be secure for a matter of hours, as Everton are [...]

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