Pain in Italy

Video: Serie A ref knocked out by powerful strike

Italian Official gets smacked upside the head

During yesterday’s 1-1 draw between Lazio and Torni, brilliantly-named referee Massimiliano Saccani found was given an excellent reason to avoid standing between [...]

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Cheeky Behaviour

Serie A team score by dropping their shorts!

Catania create a goal by displaying their fabulous underwear

Catania/ Torino

Torino visited Sicilian Serie A side Catania on Sunday, and became of the first victims of a stunt that would be better suited on the playground. In order to block the goalkeeper’s view of a free kick, three [...]

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WAG of the Day

Wag No. 85: Kartika Luyet

Look Ronaldo – Rio has actual females, too

Former Crystal Palace and current Torino FC striker Nicola Ventola may have a girl’s name and a distinct lack of international appearances on his CV (bar a visit to Sydney for the 2000 summer games), but he has done mighty well in [...]

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