Nice Pair

Villa and Torres voted world’s best strike partnership

Chest bump goes wrong…

Torres and Villa 

The England team has been treated to some lovely partnerships up front in the last few years – you’ve got Beardsley and Lineker, Sheringham and Shearer, for a time there was Owen and Heskey. And now what? Rooney and “someone”. No [...]

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news in brief

“Up yours Tottenham!” suggests Taarabt, and more…

Taarabt – low blow

Adel Taarabt

The big news from today’s showbusiness desks is that Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud has become more ladylike. They know this because she has a “grown up” hairstyle, and managed to navigate an entire nightclub without once grabbing herself and gurning at photographers. [...]

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News in Brief

AC still want Becksie, Barca fancy Torres, and more…

Beckham shirt – still in stock

Beckham Shirt 

He’s had a rubbish few days has David Beckham. One minute he’s trotting around, daydreaming about the World Cup, the next he’s in a changing room, weeping in emotional agony because his Achilles Tendon isn’t what it used to be.

It’s [...]

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Video Highlights

Alberto Aquilani scores for Liverpool! (finally)

Liverpool 4-1 Portsmouth

They will have cracked the pizzas open in the Aquilani household last night, because their little boy went some way to suggesting that he can provide goals. By scoring a [...]

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Nice Team!

Five Premier League players make the FIFA World XI

Messi – officially good at footer


In the least shocking turn of events since Eddie Izzard turned up in a dress and declared “I’m actually a man!”, to a rousing response of “yes, we can tell!”, Lionel Messi ran away with the FIFA World Player of the Year award.

It was never [...]

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