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Some Spurs stats that can earn you money tonight

Gareth Bale impaled on a stick


With Spurs’ Champions League adventure as good as over, watching tonight’s game against Real Madrid may not strike you as the most exciting way to spend an evening – especially with Botox Britain: Your Face in Their Hands on the other side.

But [...]

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Crazy talk

Jamie O’Hara uses flawless logic to show Spurs can beat Real Madrid

Real Madrid are 4-0 up from their Champions League quarter final first-leg against Tottenham Hotspur. Game over, right? Not according to Wolves’ on-loan Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara. He said:

“I know 4-0 is a crazy score [...] but people say Spurs play like Barcelona at White Hart Lane and Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 so [...]

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Twitter news

Aaron Lennon Twits his way into a telling off from Harry

Again… STFU!


Peter Crouch seemed to be doing a perfectly good job of being the scapegoat for Spurs thrashing against Real Madrid, but it seems Aaron Lennon wants some of that particular action as well.

As always when footballers and Twitter collide, this is not going to end well…


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A new addition to the canon

Ray Wilkins’ Real Madrid v Spurs commentary – in book form!

Coming soon…


There have been some pretty good books written down the years – Crime and Punishment is the best 700 pages you’ll ever read about someone getting tw*tted with a hammer, while Jamie’s 30-Minute Meals is a revolutionary approach to cooking good food fast.

However, should someone choose [...]

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No, we don't know what L$%&*! stands for either

Tottenham striker Peter Crouch is officially thick as £$%&*!



For the second time in a year, Peter Crouch as gone to Madrid and got f*cked.

If the first incident (cheating on Abbey Clancy with a grotty prostitute) suggested stupidity on a huge scale, then his two lunges to get sent off against Real Madrid last night [...]

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Spanish stuff

Consigue 40€ en apuestas gratis, con Ladbrokes

El Shakhtar ha ganado al Barcelona en dos de sus cinco partidos


Dentro de dos semanas, se ponen en marcha los partidos de ida de los cuartos de final de la Liga de Campeones, en los que la atracción principal será ver si el Real Madrid y el Barcelona [...]

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